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Friday, 11 October 2013

Bamalam Photography - My Second Etsy Shop

I have recently opened a second Etsy shop – this one specifically for my art and photography. 
   The idea for this new shop was born of my own love of crafting and creating, and for that reason will feature mostly downloadable images. I love to tinker with photography. Although I do find it very satisfying to hold a camera in my hands (and there is rarely a time when my camera is not very close by me) the fun, for me, really begins when I open my newly taken images into Photoshop. A sense of adventure overtakes me. I love to manipulate; to warp; to create art; I can happily spend hours searching for interesting stock images to use as backgrounds or overlays; trying out new textures and tinkering with colour.

From your own desktop and printer you can do so many things: whether simply printing an image to frame on your wall, creating marvellous collages or posters and cards for Halloween, Christmas and birthdays. Personalization is the key to creativity.

But often, finding just the right texture is harder than it would seem. So I began scanning and creating my own. There was a time when only paper, documents and old prints went into my scanner (it was underused and neglected) But now? Feathers, leaves, sticks, fabrics, seed heads… My scanner is perhaps no longer as clean as it should be – but I'm having fun with it so I don’t see it matters. 

It will take me a while to stock up my new shop. I would like to fill it with a wide variety of images and downloads: from pretty pastel papers, to gothic backgrounds; vivid colour images, to moody monochromes. And of course, as ever, the marketing is very time consuming. I have very little time on my hands now that I am running two shops, but, hey! It keeps me out of mischief.

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