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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cottage Chic Wall Art

Art has many faces.
   Everything that requires a creative eye is art - whether placing fine strokes of oil to canvas, carving detail in stone, capturing reflections on water with a camera or arranging the colours of gemstones to create jewellery. We use many different mediums, but we are all, in the end, artists.

Digital art is our new passion (to add to the list of many other creative hobbies in which we dabble).
   What we've been doing lately is creating patterns with an old cottage tapestry effect, then applying them to animal silhouettes and printing to 100% cotton canvas sheets.
   We've also been experimenting with different textured inkjet paper - testing how they take ink, how pigments come out.
   Our favourite at the moment is Bockingford watercolour inkjet paper. It has a lovely look to it and takes colours beautifully.

Watercolour (inkjet), 100% cotton canvas and textured inkjet papers

100% Cotton Canvas

Cottage Chic Designs Printed to Canvas

Fabric effect flowers printed to 100% Cotton Canvas

Purple Iris on 100% Cotton Canvas

Digital Watercolour of British Butterflies

Comma Butterfly
Digital Watercolour printed to Bockingford
Watercolour Inkjet Paper

Peacock Butterfly
Digital Watercolour

Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Digital Watercolour

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