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Friday, 17 May 2013

A Charmed Life!

Charms are so versatile. From the traditional bracelet,  to belt dangles, zip pulls, phone charms, and hand bag charms. You can put a charm on virtually anything and it will look good. Make them simple, make them chunky. Wood, gemstone, silver, bronze, enamel. You name it and you can make a charm from it!
   And there are so many to choose from. This morning I decided to make a treasury of some of the charms I had browsed on Etsy. I called it Works Like a Charm! There are some interesting little finds there, from the traditional to to the not-so.

I particularly like this combination of chunky chain with Lapis Lazuli and a dog charm from HeartofaCowgirl

HeartofaCowgirl - rustic cowgirl jewelry on Etsy

So, after browsing, I got out a whole bunch of supplies and decided to do some designing. Wood, carnelian, agate, jade and a few metres of chain! I feel some little phone charms and chunky hand bag dangles coming on. Just waiting on my bronze owls and leaves to arrive in the post! Then we will see what I can create...


  1. Wow ~ so nice of you to include my Peace and Puppies bracelet in your blog post (and! I'm sitting here in Arizona this morning enjoying a cup of coffee and reading more on your blog. Have a great weekend!

    1. You too. Hope the weather in Arizona is better than here in the UK!