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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Share. Help. Reward.

'Liking' and 'Sharing' or 'Following' and 'Retweeting' are the tools with which we help small businesses on social networks. It takes no effort on our part: a click of the mouse, nothing more. But with our simple 'click' we can do so much, because that click means so many things. We are showing our appreciation; endorsing; complimenting; encouraging; showcasing; hosting; advertising; spreading the virtual word: all the things that a small business needs to grow.
   We don't ask anything in return for this service we give - I, personally, enjoy it. I like, share and retweet all the while, expressing myself as I go. 'Hey, look at this - I like it. I like it so much that I'm going to share it - because I think its worth sharing, and I think you might like it too.'
   And if I share it with you and you do like it, then why not share it with someone else, and so on. We are spreading the word and helping someone out with every click.
But when you are the owner of a small business, just starting to build your social network, HOW do you get people to begin liking and sharing, following and retweeting in the first place?
   Well - bribe 'em, I say!
   What, of course, I meant to say was, reward them.
   We happily offer our customers rewards for repeat custom; we tempt buyers into our shops with coupons, sales, free postage days. So why not reward followers in the same way?
So, without further ado I'd like to announce our GEMINI OFFER on Facebook. Until 21st June there is a 10% discount for every shopper who buys and shares from our Etsy shop on Facebook
    Just pop along to Bamalam Creations - Inspired by Nature (Like our page please) and browse.
    You promote us, we reward you!
    Shopping and sharing. Fun and simple.

   Happy shopping!

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