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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Gemstone of the month - Tiger Eye - Planetary Birthstone of Gemini

Gemstones are worn, not only for their aesthetic value, but for their spiritual and healing properties.
   Tiger Eye, a quartz and planetary birthstone of Gemini, has been known to man for millennia. It is reputed to ward off illness and evil. As well as a psychic protector Tiger Eye helps the wearer achieve clarity. It is said to aid problem solving and to give confidence. If embarking on a trying time in life – wear Tiger Eye.
   On a medicinal note the stone keeps stomach ailments away, and is, apparently, very good for treating eye problems. It can also aid night vision!

Birthstones are widely known. Gemini (22nd May – 21st June) has several: agate, citrine, moonstone and pearl, to name a few. Planetary birthstones are perhaps not so widely recognised.
   In ancient times planets were associated with specific gemstones. It was thought that if you wore the stone that was associated with the ruling planets at the time you were born, positive effects would reflect in your life.

Whatever you believe, it is hard to deny that this semi-precious gemstone is beautiful. It’s great depth of colour is due to its fibrous structure. As light passes onto, and through, the Tiger Eye stone you will see beautiful bands of golden yellow, red brown and honey hues. To the touch, Tiger Eye is silky smooth.

It is, without doubt, one of my favourite gemstones.

Tiger Eye oval bead showing beautiful silky lustre

Fibrous structure creates warm hues of gold and brown

Tiger Eye and Jade Butterfly Necklace

Tiger Eye Graduating Jewellery Set

Carved Tiger Eye Bear Pendant

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